Welcome to In the Bucket, the podcast that explores speyfishing culture in the Pacific Northwest, a specatular land of mountains and wild rivers where every cast has a story to tell.

The angling obsession moves people in a way that extends well past the primal urge to source food. Like snow on the mountains destined to become the flow of the river, for some, this passion for time on the water can and will influence all aspects of their life.

The culture around swinging flies for steelhead is a compelling example of this commitment.

The steelheader, addicted to the anticipation and willing to resist self-doubt while making near perfect casts to present the fly to a fish that is most often not there.

In particular, behold the winter steelheader, an enthusiast optimist, capable of enduring long fishless days in weather conditions that would keep sensible folks indoors.

In this monthly series you will meet the innovators, the artists, athletes, conservationists, expert guides and instructors as well as some regular people that just love to fish. Each of these folks has a story to tell and what unites them is a shared passion for swing flies for wild fish in wild places.

Anglers are the caretakers of this splendid resource and as storytellers, the historians of angling culture. The sharing of knowledge is invaluable to the continued appreciation and preservation of the angling experience.

We are here to celebrate the encounters and inspire participation.

Join us, In The Bucket