In The Bucket #2 – Steelhead Secrets And Ski Adventures In Northern BC With Riley Laboe, Kye Petersen, And Feet Banks

In the Bucket Podcast
In the Bucket Podcast
In The Bucket #2 - Steelhead Secrets And Ski Adventures In Northern BC With Riley Laboe, Kye Petersen, And Feet Banks

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In the Bucket #2 Show Notes

There’s something magical about winter steelhead, where the icy waters test your patience under the rugged snow capped mountains of British Columbia.Today we meet Kye Petersen, Feet Banks and Riley Leboe and weave through tales of winter fishing amidst the grandeur of the Squamish and Skeena rivers, tackling the mental game of waiting for that elusive bite and the jubilation of a hard-fought catch.

This episode isn’t just about the fish though; it’s about the friendships forged in the frigid waters and on powdery peaks, the kind that echo the bonds of shared struggles and triumphs.We share laughs and there’s a tinge of heartache as we recount the fish tales that end with the one that got away. But there’s a thread of persistence here, a nod to the determination that fuels both anglers and skiers alike, as well as the deep-seated gratification found in overcoming the outdoors’ rigorous tests. These stories aren’t just about the catch or the perfect ski run; they’re about the journey and the indomitable spirit that pushes us to keep exploring.

The thread we follow takes us to the untamed beauty of Northern BC where days spent skiing down pristine powder coated slopes can end with casting lines into steelhead-rich waters. Their musings touch on the intimate tales of ski and fishing films, where the essence of adventure is beautifully captured by those who live and breathe these passions. We even muse over whether the fish can sense our desperation, bringing humor to the zen-like patience required for the sport. So, pull up a campfire log or tighten your ski boots, because this episode is an ode to the adventurer’s soul that finds solace and excitement in the challenges nature so gracefully provides.

Episode Chapters

(0:00:01) – Meet the Crew

Riley Leboe

Riley is a retired pro skier living in Squamish who also happens to be a talented filmaker and skilled steelhead angler.

Kye Petersen

Kye is one of the best freeskiers in the world. He is also happens to be an enthusiastic fly angler who approaches the river with a similar amount of commitment to his time in the mountains.

Feet Banks

Feet is a writer and editor of Mountain Life Magazine who is well known in both Squamish and Whistler for his quick wit and appreciation of time spent outdoors.

(0:03:00) – Brian explains the difference between Summer and Winter steelhead.

(0:05:00) – Big water winter Steelheading on the Skeena

Kye Peterson fishing the Skeena during the filming of Winter Steelhead and Skiing in Terrace BC

(0:08:00) – Winter steelheading mindset, staying motivated in winter, proper layering, and camaraderie in fishing.

(0:13:10) -Some tips for keeping feet warm while fishing for winter steelhead.

(0:15:20) – Some memorable fish encounters and Feet’s philosophy on the one that got away.

(0:22:00) – One fish changes everything.

Dieter’s big Chinook Salmon

Bob Johnson, now with superb technique on the Skeena.

Brian Niska fishes ‘Fat Lip’ on the Squamish in the spot where Bob hooked the fish that hooked him.

(0:24:00) – Kye explains how Skateboarding saves lives

Kye at Whistler Skate Park

(0:27:00) – Exploring the connection between mountain sports and steelhead fishing.


(0:30:00) – Why are people drawn to fishing, the guys do a deep dive into the angling attraction. Nature’s comfort in outdoor activities, emotional aspects of fishing, camaraderie around campfires, and the allure of challenges in fishing.

(0:40:13) – Discussion on Fishing and Multi-Sport Adventures why do so many anglers drive Toyotas?

(0:48:42) – Skiing in North West BC. Shames Mountain is a community owned ski hill in Terrace that is close to the river.

Kye with a nice Skeena winter steelhead, Shames mountain visible in the background.

Riley, Brian, Feet and Kye pointing to the Skeena, visible from Shames Mountain ski area

Kye flies high over Shames and the Skeena River

(0:52:00) -Kye and Riley have just released the final episode in their Sacred Grounds movie series. Check out The Sacred Grounds // Part Five: FACETS

You can find all 5 episodes of The Sacred Grounds here

(0:59:00) – Riley and Kye discuss a trip they made to the Dean River.

Here is in article from Mountain Life about their Dean trip

(1:01:25) – Feet Banks made a classic ski movie 25 years ago. It’s not easy to find.

If you know, you know

(1:03:55) – Steelhead fishing with kids

Feet’s son Henry landed this beautiful Skeena River summer run steelhead

(1:04:45) – Can steelhead sense desperation? What it means to be fishy and understanding how to cover water effectively with confidence, consistency and optimism.

(1:11:10) – You can find Feet’s more colourful work at Pie Quarterly Check out the guys Instagram pages to follow their adventures:

Kye Petersen

Feet Banks

Riley Leboe


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Look out for our next episode in March with Scott Baker-McGarva and Dax Messett