In the Bucket #4 – Tales from Behind the Lens: Dano and Darcy on Snowboarding, Fly Fishing, and the Art of Photography

In the Bucket Podcast
In the Bucket Podcast
In the Bucket #4 - Tales from Behind the Lens: Dano and Darcy on Snowboarding, Fly Fishing, and the Art of Photography

In the Bucket #4 Show Notes

Join us in this episode of In the Bucket where Dano Pendygrasse and Darcy Bacha, renowned snowboarding photographers, dive into the vibrant world of fly fishing through their lenses. Discover how their decades of experience in snowboarding have shaped their approach to capturing the serene beauty of fly fishing. Dano and Darcy discuss the transition from the adrenaline of snowboarding shoots to the tranquil riversides, reflecting on the artistry and patience required in both disciplines. They share personal stories and professional insights on making passions into careers, the challenges of photography in extreme conditions, and the unexpected joys of exploring new waters. Whether you’re a fan of their snowboarding work or looking to improve your fishing photography skills, this episode offers a unique perspective on embracing change and finding new passions.

Episode Chapters

(0:00:01) – Meet the Guests

Dano Pendygrasse

Dano is an enthusiastic angler and professional photographer based in Whistler, British Columbia. He is well known for his work documenting the first three decades of snowboarding and is responsible for many iconic images that captured the progression of the sport. In 2019, Snowboarder Magazine referred to him “as arguably the most influential and prolific Canadian snowboard photographer of all time”. While not shooting snowboarding professionally anymore, Dano is still working in the outdoor industry and spends as much time as possible in the outdoors snowboarding and flyfishing.

Darcy Bacha

Darcy is professional photographer living in Bend, Oregon who works with a variety of outdoor brands. Like Dano, Darcy also got his start in professional photography shooting snowboarding and is recognized for his work bringing us some of the most exceptional snowboarding images of the last twenty years. Today he only snowboards for fun and primarily focuses his camera lenses on fishing, working as the principal photographer for Simms Fishing Products. When not on the mountain enjoying fresh snow or on assignment for Simms, Darcy can most likely be found waterfowl hunting or chasing steelhead.

(0:05:30) – The guys talk about finding your passions and agree they would rather be Tarpon fishing than working. Here is Darcy finding some passion.

(0:07:30) – Brian can’t resist letting the pros know that once upon a time he had a fairly edited photo published as a magazine cover. Here it is:

(0:08:20) – Dano and Darcy talk about shooting photos and offer some great tips about looking after your gear in inclement weather

(0:12:50) – Darcy talks about working for Simms Fishing Products and the transition from shooting snowboarding

(0:14:00) Here is Darcy’s slide show from the Pro Photographer Showdown in Whistler

(0:14:40) -Darcy got his start professionally shooting fishing with Eric Jackson on a BC trip many years ago. Here he is, still shooting Ejack on the Skeena this winter at Skeena Spey

(0:15:00) – Darcy shoots a wide variety of species for Simms including Bass as shown here:

(0:16:00) – Turns out Dano has also presented at the Pro Photographer Showdown in Whistler. In fact, this was at the first year of the event which is no suprise as Dano was one of the original pro snowboard photographers in Canada and is a true legend. This was so long ago that we couldn’t find a copy of Dano’s slideshow, however he does share a hilarious story about the night. Since we dont have copy of the slideshow, here is a photo of a beauty Coho salmon Dano caught flyfishing in the ocean.

(0:17:20) – Darcy talks about the snowboard photography workshop he does with High Cascade Snowboard Camp

(0:21:00) – Dano and Darcy have Eric Jackson in common. Darcy was part of the crew working on EJacks’s Alignment movie which featured steelhead flyfishing and snowboarding near Terrace B.C. Check it out here:

(0:22:00) – Alignment did a great job showcasing the Terrace area. As such it influenced some people to move to the area like Simms brothers. Check out the simms_brothers Instagram account for their adventures. Also here is a video of them enjoying winter in Terrace.

(0:22:30) – Shames Mountain is the community owned ski hill near Terrace

(0:23:00) – The guys talk about advancements in photo technology including the use of Artificial Intelligence. Darcy tell an interesting story about his work with Coast Portland the company making awesome headlamps and flashlights.

(0:30:00) – Dano talks about the importance of ‘shooting the story’. As an example, here is a photo he took in 1992 of Noah Salasnek on Blackcomb. In his words “When I took this photo I didn’t like it because the background was cluttered with all the diggers and it didn’t seem ‘professional’. Years later it is a document of that event , telling the story better than most of my other images”

(0:32:30) – The best pro tip for better photos is revealed!

(0:33:30) – How do professional photographers organize and store their images? Dano and Darcy share a system.

(0:37:45) – The guys discuss the cross over appeal of flyfishing to ski and snowboard athletes. Here is a feature on Dano from SNOWBOARDER magazine.

(0:40:00) – Darcy talks about his introduction to steelhead fishing in Skeena country and an spontaneous trip planned with Eric Jackson after meeting in Pemberton. Years later Darcy and Eric are still fishing BC together and catching some nice ones like this.

More updates coming soon!